Working with children

One of our aims is to introduce Pickleball to as many people as possible, this includes children of school age. Our coaches go to schools and clubs in and around Herts, Beds & Bucks explaining the basics of Pickleball and getting the children to have a go.

We would love to be able to do this for free, unfortunately this is not possible. Costs are kept to a minimum and the schools & clubs do need to pay for this service. To help reduce the price as much as possible you can make a donation, this will reduce the cost to them for us to attend.

Make a donation to Dunstable Hunters Pickleball Club at Metro 23-05-80 Account No 48347118. Please put 'Schools' in the reference.

Every penny will be used to reduce the cost to schools.

We would like to thank you for any donations in advance. 

Children are our future

St Albert the Great Catholic Primary School

We had the honor to attend this school to introduce Pickleball to years 5 & 6.

60 young people split in to 4 groups of 15 for 30 minutes each.

Fantastic, exciting, more fun than I was expecting are some of the responses we received.

Taster session for your school

If your school would like a taster session, please get in contact with the Club Secretary.

Make a donation to our CASC

Your donations can make a massive difference

As a business owner, you can enjoy tax benefits when your limited company donates to a charity or a Community Amateur Sports Club (CASC). Here’s how it works:

Deductible Donations: You can deduct the value of donations made to a charity or CASC from your total business profits before calculating your Corporation Tax. This means that your company pays less tax based on the amount donated12.

Qualifying Payments: To qualify for this deduction, the donations must meet certain criteria:

  • Cash Donations: These can be in the form of money.
  • Equipment and Trading Stock: Donations of equipment or trading stock are also eligible.
  • Land, Property, and Shares: If your company donates land, property, or shares, these can also be considered for tax relief.

We are looking for a club Sponsor

Please get in touch to work with us

Sponsoring a local sports club can be mutually beneficial for both the business and the club. Here are some advantages of business sponsorship:

Brand Awareness: By sponsoring a sports club, your company gains visibility in the local community. Your logo on team kits, display banners at the ground, and mentions in press or social media contribute to increased brand recognition.

Product and Service Promotion: Sponsoring allows you to promote your products and services directly to the local audience. Whether it’s through event advertising or showcasing your offerings during club activities, you can reach potential customers.

Positive Image: Associating your business with a sporting activity creates a positive and healthy image. It shows that your company supports community well-being and encourages an active lifestyle.

Community Engagement: Supporting a sports club demonstrates your commitment to the local community. It fosters goodwill and strengthens ties with residents.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR): Sponsoring a club aligns with CSR initiatives. It’s an opportunity to give back and contribute to youth development, fitness, and recreational opportunities.

Remember, while there are benefits, it’s essential to choose sponsorships that align with your business values and target audience. Small businesses can make a significant impact by supporting local sports clubs and events.

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