Court Etiquette

Here are some of the most important pickleball court etiquettes that you should follow: 
  1. Wait your turn: Queue up to play. The first person in the queue will choose the next 3 players to join them in a game. This is usually the next 3 players unless it is not a good pick. The following are reasons to skip a person or 2 in the queue:

    3 of the 4 next players are the same sex which doesn't make a mixed couples of 2 men and two woman, or doesn't make all female or all male group.

    The first person in the queue will choose whether to play all female, all male or mixed and will take the next players in the queue to make that group.

    The next reason for someone to skip their turn is to mix up the groups, if all 4 have played with each partner, then best play is to mix with other players. Try and only partner someone once in each session.

    The only exception to this is 3 weeks prior to a team of 2 entering a competition, they can partner every game during this period to practice together, if they want to.

    If you are not ready to play please wait in a different area. If you are ready, queue from the net outwards at the first court. Be ready to get straight on court to save time wastage.
  2. Don't play 2 good players against 2 of a lower standard. You should try and have both sides even, 1 good and 1 standard on each side.
  3. Don’t run on the court or jump the net: Once it is your turn to play, don’t run onto the court – take your time and walk on instead. Running can be dangerous, not only for you but also for the other players on the court. Respect all equipment, jumping the net is wrong on every level.
  4. Respect other players’ space: Don't walk past a court whilst the ball is in play. Stand and watch the rally whilst they play that point. Once the ball is dead you can walk past.
  5. No smashing or hard driving at a person at a lower skill level than you. The intent is to create a fun environment not aggressive. You will have plenty of play time against someone of the same level as you, should you really need to play like this, but beware, they will too.
  6. Think safety. Don't get over enthusiastic. If you see a wall, net or person getting very close very fast then please stop moving your legs. Winning every point no matter what is not recommended. 
  7. Keep your equipment organised and clean: Make sure that your equipment is organised and not all over the place. This means putting your pickleball paddle away when you’re not using it and keeping your water bottle in one spot instead of moving it around the hall. The second part of this etiquette is to keep your equipment clean. Make sure that your shoes are clean before stepping on the court.
  8. Be a good sport: Congratulate your opponents when they win and be a good sport even when you lose. All go to the net and tap paddles, gently.
  9. Follow the rules: It’s important to follow the rules of pickleball. Not only will this make the game fairer, but it will also make it more enjoyable for everyone involved.
  10. Be respectful of the court and equipment: Respect the court and the equipment that you are using.

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